Monday, August 30, 2010

The Web of Life (7.28-8.22, 2010)

"The Web of Life" (sound, 42:10, 2010) is an audio work produced by Ryan Agnew for Migiwa Orimo's Telephone Booth Project in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Drawn from recorded telephone conversations with Ora Lee Carr Bailey (born 1925) and Bonnie Lee Bailey Agnew (born 1954) with Concertina accordion and toy piano courtesy of Columbus-based musician and sound artist Brian Harnetty. Hand images by Bonnie Agnew, printing by Bill Reinhart. [Listen]


  1. It has a certain dramatic touch that makes it very artistic. The glass window captures some added details by showing the view of the outside. Was this phone booth situated in a café or in an outdoor restaurant? Well, that would certainly make it a pleasant attraction to the customers.

    1. Thank you for your comment.
      It sat on a street corner in a small town in Ohio for a year as a public art project. The back of the booth was facing "Corner Cone," an ice cream cafe.